The Embassy of Azerbaijan gave help to the Safe house

azerbejdzan20028/03/2016 - Azerbaijani's Cultural Centre in Serbia gave humanitarian aid to the protégés of the Safe house in Belgrade, where they are accommodated with their children while on the run from the abusers in their homes.
The help consists of home appliances, bedding, school supplies and toys for the children, and the embassy also announced to help to expand the kindergarten, which is part of the Safe house. Read more...

The Prime Minister of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, Visited the Safe House

Slika 1m5 January 2016 - the Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić pointed out today that he feels contempt for the people who commit domestic violence, and that he can only refer to them as "rascals and bullies" and he stated that nobody is stronger than the state, which applies to bullies, too.  
"The state will know how to teach the bullies a lesson. We will show the ones, who think that they are strong and that they can beat women and children, that they are very weak compared to the state and the law", said Vučić in a conversation with the protégés of the Safe house in Belgrade.
He announced that he will send a team of lawyers to the Safe house in order for them to see how they can help each and every woman. Read more...

The City Helps Women and Children Victims of Domestic Violence

1720123 sigurna kuca 1 v 2008. December 2015 - It's important that the women build a network and that they know they have support everywhere, not only from individuals but also from institutions which are in charge for these matters, said the deputy president of the city assembly Andrea Radulović during her visit to the Safe house. She emphasized the fact that today's visit is one of the indicators and reasons for forming a Council for Gender Equality and Women Council Network, and that the priority of the city of Belgrade is to be helpful to women who are victims of domestic violence.  - I think that today's meeting and discussion with the women in the Safe house went great. Read more...

International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

20151125 111109m25/11/2015 - On the occasion of International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women - 25. November, the Domestic Violence Clinic organized with support of USAID Project for the reform of judiciary and responsible authorities an exhibition of handicraft made by women who are victims of domestic violence during their stay in Safe houses in Belgrade. Read more...

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